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Residential Tree Removal
We don’t take tree removal lightly – it’s hard to remove a tree without first analyzing whether it is necessary. With the expert advice of our tree professionals, our customers typically use the following decision process to determine if they want a tree cut down:
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1 . Is the tree dead or dying?

2 . Is the tree in a location where it could harm/damage my house or property?

3 . Does the tree need to be removed to make room for a deck, garden, pool or other construction project?

4 . Is the tree blocking other major vegetation from growing?

If the decision is made to do tree removal, we evaluate your property to determine if a crane or bucket truck is necessary to protect your property and home. In some cases, a tree is so corroded that it would prove to be dangerous to our tree climbers without the use of a crane. Our tree experts will evaluate the situation and provide a recommendation.
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